Humboldt Bay Water Quality Information and Links

There are a number of organizations and government agencies that are active in monitoring and enhancing the water quality of Humboldt Bay.

Humboldt Baykeeper works to safeguard our costal resources for the health, enjoyment, and economic strength of the Humboldt Bay Community through education, scientific research, and enforcement of laws to fight pollution. Their website has information about Humbolt Bay including geography, resources, and environmental issues impacting the Bay.

The Humboldt County Division of Environmental Health has waste management and water quality monitoring and enhancement programs that apply to all of Humboldt County, including Humboldt Bay.

The North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board operates numerous planning and enforcement programs. Of particular interest in Humboldt Bay watershed are their Non Point Source, Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs), and Timber Operations Programs.

The City of Arcata Environmental Services Department has some excellent information about stormwater runoff, wastewater management, and general waste reduction and recycling.

Humboldt State University's Center for Integrative Coastal Observation, Research, and Education (CICORE) compiles existing data about California's coast, collects new data, and initiates on-going observation and monitoring. CICORE maintains an ongoing monitoring station on one of the docks in Humboldt Bay.

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Last updated: May 2, 2005